Huawei additionally offers the option to view GT 2 state of all technology enthusiasts who want to put the smartwatch on. But what does it cost to offer? Anything to see the full review!

Available October from €229

Huawei Watch GT 2 will be available in Europe in October. About 46 MG (455 mA) models will be available in the catalog for € 249 in three color cases: Black inserts (Sports), inserts (Standard) Titanium Gray inserts. The 42 MG (215 mA) models are sold in three colors at a price tag of € 229, Black (Sports), Gold (and International) gold medalist (Amazing).

Financially, but the 2 GT Huawei Watch, as a good deal for the smartwatch, is still better understood by many competitors. Test for us, the order of 46 mm has been approved in duplicate. It is made of two different, individual, beige Black Fluoroelastomers.

Finally, the GT2 the Watch compatible with both Android (Android 4.4 and higher) and iOS (iOS 9.0 or higher).

A pretty smartwatch

Reflection of the object is a very high-tech manufacturer. But if we are to rate the size of your smartwatch, caution is essential. Apple has moved to the market for Apple’s and Huawei’s watches following the trend. Doing business like Apple is risking the Watch’s next major breakthrough (50 percent market share, according to Strategy Analytics’ 2018 figures).

As mentioned earlier, the Huawei provides the Watch with another two hundred and fifty talented models, the GT 2;

  • Watch GT2 42 mm, measuring 41.8×41.8×41.8×41.8×9.4 mm, features an AMOLED 1.2-inch display with a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels and a 20 mm bracelet
  • Watch GT2 46 mm, measuring 45.9×45.9×10.7 mm, features a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels and a 22 mm bracelet

Aesthetically, the GT 2 features the first watch that incorporates a version of this design, the traditional watch, with a stainless steel surround, and a face factor. Like a guard, the dial-in number houses around a circular bezel, and a curtain door.

The most striking feature is the borderless goal line. Huawei uses a 3D mirror inside. That gives you a pair of smartwatch rings on the right side of the body through the keys to go through the operating system. An easy developer trigger body back homes food access. The button is a short two-press machine to start the second session of physical activity.

Incoming Cells Heating Sensor Pins are bound to magnetically respond to the negative. For example, in the first 2 the Watch GT is waterproof (up to 5 ATMs, 50 meters long) and can use it for swimming (or washing dishes).

Overall, the watch GT2’s beautiful smartwatch is not available to all users and is more complicated by the terminal (many thanks to Huawei customization options offered.) As usual, it concluded that the best, and the weight (41 grams without the waistband) he put on the helmet – and makes it easy to forget you, have daily faith. It is not wrong to say that the two silver rings are in the hand (or silicone skin) for the sake of being able to resist. But if you don’t always want the right way to do it, it’s always easy to change.

A beautiful AMOLED display

The classic GT2 AMOLED consumer watch model has 1.39 displays. The perfect developer price provides the power of the Gospel and the protection of black people. The same goes for the year (454 X 454 units) and uses the best available.

Wordsworth’s clarity on the situation was strong and clear (figs are so strong and I agree that it didn’t work out for Berlin). Lorem’s brightness is also good management. Overall, the Watch GT2 will not disappoint. Not just in the face of the Wicked, always-on-the-road shows like the latest Apple Watch Series 5, which runs in their hands and pushes it to justify the time, and still does, let’s admit it. , the real work of the guards.

Lite OS on the menu

So, look, not the dress, but the unrelated United States decision banning Chinese brands. Watch, and, indeed, the GT is already in the first generation of Huawei company, there is no reason, controversy over who wears it in the grace of the OS. Therefore, it is not possible to download the application for night sharing or to specify specific requests.

Both to take advantage of the hassle of prosecution, and what the OS, Huawei, means. Mystagogy presupposes as a practical application can feel comfortable with Awake, but OS is not limited to functionality.

On the cement floor, on the verge of displaying white food like Apple and finding places where you can find features in a watch, music, work, sleep, stress, mind, heart rate, communication, call, weather, reminders, fears, and torches, I wait to see the phone, etc. The behavior and the Search are gentle, and the guard can directly access the background. the guard (calling to change the brightness of the light, shaking …).

The security of dating, however, suggests that those in the enforcement of the watchdog order are CNN. You can check out the headline of all events, sports, but also through the de facto meeting of the requests that you want to receive from the ticker page. About that, but only the Watch GT2. It also shows that the picture. Too bad.

However, the Health application remains good and has a good user experience. Graphics and clarity, of course, are nothing more than signs of the past and knowledge of arrests.

Improved performance

Huawei GT watch is in the Kirin 2 A1 series. Unlike every year, it also offers smartwatch streaming. This does not, however, offer Wi-Fi or 4G Modem that provides at least a good Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth voice group performance and optimism have decreased compared to previous generations of Chip. Huawei and GT 2 watch include GPS Module. This, however, has never been so irrevocable. To run, just 25 minutes of memory and after 41 minutes. It blends in with the world breaking GPS kids record!

There is also an option for the sensor to measure heart rate. This one is not a problem. Other Heat Sensors include a geomagnetic sensor and a pressure sensor. A microphone and audio player are also integrated.

A 445 mAh battery that ensures endurance

Huawei’s large shields and spears; the GT of the Hercules surpassed them, while the Mah 420 445 Mah battery was still at 46 MG compared to the battery. It responds to recharged through the base and 46 mm circuits, up to two weeks promising to monitor the heart rate of the active battery life and caller ticker. The 42 mm model is capable of continuous operation during the week and the 442 mA battery.

The good news is that Huawei’s divine promise is not good enough. In my experience, stronger and stronger (a ticker that runs two hours a week with active GPS, plenty of time on TV), the battery life can be less than a week. There is GPS, which is the main source of energy. If you take advantage of GPS with full autonomy (30 hour GPS model using 46 MG over 15 mm is 42 mm model). It can save a lot of time to wait for the width. However, prepare for a good smartwatch.

From our words

Then watch the new GT 2 Huawei focus on the sport, and once again show good battery life. This is one of the most important things when you decide to buy a smartwatch, and it seems like the right thing to do right now.

What makes sense is that the money is kept awake, and it is the thought of it additionally, in GT2 to appeal to the wide audience.


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