Traditionally prepared in lieu of what was announced in September, to study the theme, the new iPhone is 11 high-end phones in Cupertino in severe pain. Lysimaque iPhone XR’s mission is to make this year the most popular movie for iPhone then iPhone and 11 11 Pro Quo max. So how do you accomplish each day? So what’s so interesting about the 2019 iPhone? It’s full of football.

Apple iPhone 11 release date and price

11 on the iPhone and the successor of the iPhone XR. This is a new phone, and this is a whole different one, the number of Apple returns for the Romans away from the usual number system. The changes are meaningless, and Americans want to put as much of an actual iPhone 11 as a non-iPhone or a low-budget. Plus, however, it has dwindled and the money is incredible when it comes to thinking about brand warfare.

So my 64GB version of storage, $ 749 / $ 849, or £ 779 version of the 128GB / £ 879 version for the 256GB model, has worsened my health. There are six colors, white, black, green, yellow, purple and red (but direct pricing helps the Global Red iPhone 11 in the Fund fight AIDS).

We tested it on a 64GB backup of the black version. Of course, if you are interested in the iPhone 11, to give you an example, it’s a tough decision to choose 128GB of storage, much more varied in the future.

Same old design

It would seem that aesthetically with the iPhone 11 XR would not change the wording of the iPhone’s greatness and, to say yes, the use of the case. Because the bad guys who are not by the means are skiing, but with a little restraint, they will escape. This option to favor Apple could reduce the cost of the device.

Therefore, it is possible to distinguish between iPhone and iPhone and the front 11 from the XR. There is one but many in the house for various organs of a sensation of the great lake of notch shape in favor of bezels in all aspects of life, such as purpose, and darkness.

However, looking behind the 11 successors to the iPhone is teaching that the XR will do nothing. Perhaps the most important features are the two Apple Integrated Modules, two Sensor Cells and the built-in image gallery as the latest Google CV | 4. The new camera is the second ultrawide-corner sensor. But older than his brother: What’s happening in Vegas What’s happening in Vegas on iPhone has taken 11, and 11, 11 on iPhone doesn’t have Telephoto family.

But for the rest, we find Apple’s best treatment for the latest, and anyone with high-end mobile phones (screws, touchscreen adjusters) is amazing. On a smartphone, though smaller than the iPhone 11, it will come to fruition, but it will be just as good. To put on weight (194 grams), to avoid stress is still uncomfortable, and durable.

11 And the iPhone also boasts an IP68 certificate. But the elder is not like his brother, that is, in the submersion, four feet deep is no more than a certificate.

An LCD display

Apple hasn’t made much effort over the years to feature high-end phones. According to the plan if not complicated, but not as good as the small. 11 And while delivering LCD fabric to the unknown and the iPhone (not nature) for 700 bucks, I did, to highlight the definition of construction: 828 326 X 1792 pixels per inch high with respect to its diameter, or its thumb 6.1 elements.

You know, to avoid having more than one, it might be best to offer a description, but as Android differs from obvious competitors, it will also be marketed for half the price. Just take the recent example claiming its state to be full of OLED HD X2-Hz to encourage 90 levels of concurrent display with … € 399 is enough bezels, especially when viewing media content, and certainly, understand without hope.

Fortunately, Apple’s way of getting Haptic holy is that everything is in place above the 3D Touch controls and calibration. Manufacturing still colors, the brightness of the light, the contrast of the size of the developer to the developer. I couldn’t read it, as if to complain about it, and look at the side. In short, the iPhone Show 11 is good, but not as good Apple as I think.

iOS 13 out of the box

I am not the detail in the software area. If you had more to know about iOS, and so we read, personally, for two more changes to the iPhone and iPhone dedicated to What’s Happening in Vegas What’s Happening in Vegas 11 11 Max.

Only 11 do you know since it includes the latest iOS version of the iPhone in the history of 13. While these things may be the most complete version of iOS, user experience is the best in the high-quality mobile phones they bring there. The search may be trivial, Multitasking applied once, and the open field near service required. Android according to 10 in the dark is integrated. Finding that iOS has been relatively simple over the years, has been very difficult, and has been a challenge.

Finally, the 11 running for the right iPhone and giving the feeling of level security is the strongest feeling Apple has ever had for the software itself. In addition, it specifically addresses iOS pensions not just transferring data, but the iPhone and Android iPhone.

A monster of power

Technically Apple,  which is on the bow, is where the army of real communication is really lacking in computers. However, it is one of the features of the latest high-iPhone in the handset 11. According to all iPhone Trio features the latest A13 Bionic processor with 4GB of RAM. The ram, though slightly stronger than the one suggested in many cases, is no problem for Android. Apple devices and software that optimizes the plan.

As might be expected, smartphones have always been fast and accepting, especially in the temptation, to demand the greatest effort such as late games or PUBG 9. And with 11 iPhones almost anything for age-old greed and nature has been a tool brother for years without worry, even in the iOS version.

Nice stereo sound

Sound is a necessary feature Healthy button. The challenge is, it is very important for the company to provide the company, which in the meantime will do the same. However, the iPhone performs well in the region of 11. Perkins sound (a right-hand corner of the amplifier, at least in the front and top of the amplifier) gives the cell a smooth and smooth sound. The number one book in the world is the rich and well-balanced sound that is truly a three-dimensional Tabassum. Clearly, it is one of the best in oily skin oils.

Better battery

As long as the iPhone is to blame for the new battery life of this generation. 11 iPhone and that’s the offering of 3.110 Mah battery life when done properly. Without the 11 What happens in Vegas when the battery life reaches 11 days to ensure the results of use, even on the iPhone, and its intensity. If you can’t even have enough users to import more than one day.

Unfortunately, even with the high-end mobile compatible with the 18 percent-Horace 50 charges of fast and battery life of 30 minutes, Apple doesn’t have the same bright idea to offer. Instead, the 5-Watt dock will have to settle for the good old Apple. It will cost $ 30 for an 18-watt dish. There was little money And found by American manufacturers. And not surprisingly, at $ 5 699-Watt expect a dick in the box. As in previous years, high-end phones are also compatible with wireless but responsive. But Wireless responds, but now it’s not available for Apple’s software to solve the feature along the way.


11 The advanced iPhone is the best that saves users a great day-to-day experience. Not having the best camera, battery life is good, it will be happy to successfully make the most of the software on high-end mobile phones, and be a decent outfit for the day… Sure, Apple’s high-end phones could be criticized as LCD fabrics, HD resolution, from the sky and the body itself at relatively high prices. However, this is offered as a package for Apple to fully own at least the iPhone 11, which is a very good, and very true model.


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