But in favor of women, rather than being an angel to the WhatsApp app, the cables have something new and useful to impress guests, which, if not all, comes from evidence. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your cable messages.

Telegram tips you must be tried in 2019

Picking a username

When installing a Telegram you must enter your phone number and add your first name. If you don’t want to appear under your real name or phone number, or just want to be more creative and use a personal name, go to Settings and click on Username.

Claim custom username in Telegram

The only snag is a member name and will use the custom name but only once. If such a disaster is the place to often be. If you really want to enjoy the unique end of the spectrum, you can contact the team with support. If necessary, you use that domain name at least two other services. To get in touch with a team with cable support go to the Ask Settings tap question.

Turn off message preview

Window alerts and messaging are often useful, but sometimes you don’t want to let the person next to your phone see who is writing to you (and what they are writing). To resolve to message in Telegram, go to Settings -> Alerts and Voice and tap In-App Section.

Custom notifications and LED colors

Not only can you establish a special relationship with the announcement by telegram, but you can also set the color LED data. If we are talking of LED notification, you need to do this android phone, you need to work LED notification in this regard.

You cannot tap the Info contact mode to receive reminders, if you will, to delete settings, as well as custom. You will be presented with the option to change reminders, patterns of vibrations, sounds, and colors, and bring to the fore.

The ticker can be done individually by contact

While many people have been talking about the ticker wanting to (a) silence the communication cable too many people have already sent messages? Just like Contact Reminders practices are selected, namely the Myanmar pump and deactivate Info tap.

Answering from home with a Pop-up ticker

The stress is now that keeping your home fabric can respond directly using the spammy I killed was extremely useful. You can add to your home screen with Pop-up ticker Settings> childcare and health and the PopUp ticker tap.

Change the phone number

But it rarely happens to me, so long as the line changes to changing the phone number. However, when many old phones are registered, you can easily swap old numbers from one to new. The phone number is just the Settings button.

Customizing chat apps

Want to customize your experience? Tired of the same old rules? Well, it is very easy to change cables to talk as you talk. Go to Settings> Chat Maecenas and take a photo or a bar from the Photos gallery.

Managing Media

Cables allow you to send files up to 1.5 GB in size. It is to be feared, however, that the phone is not provided as soon as it fills up everything that is left in the box! The simplest way is to set up the control, and when, the file that the cable wants to download. If you’re going to be there, you don’t want to see that you’re going to be the big one, who sent you a cable downloader. It is provided to you as a location control center, to Settings> Data when using a storage device or a Wi-Fi. In both cases, it is a case study and a document that can retrieve data from selected situations.

Cables to hide the device, in Gallery

Don’t want to see the pictures and videos that were shared about you in the Photo Gallery cable? Just go to Settings and Search for Gallery.

Hide “Last Seen,” in the cable

I’m not happy about sharing with others, and the benefits of being the last cable? Fortunately, you can customize the “Last seen” in the context cable. Search Search No one can find your “latest video, and even add your own rules. Turn off or disable” Last Seen, “on the cable, under Settings> Privacy and Security> Last seen.

But sent someone secretly, read on

Want to read the message but didn’t send it when you read it? Well, but a little misleading here. When receiving the custom message of flight mode. Cables to open and read messages. When you read it, it will take you to close the data application. Delivery did not read the message.

Images backup time for your personal and secret Internet destruct

Like Snapchat, cables feature features that contain images or the Internet and are highly destructive. We have decided on a small cable update, which is a feature that allows you to set the timeline of the actual message to destruct. Only current events are available on the Internet, but they are easy to activate. 3 top-right corner and hit the button to pick up the landing strip. You have the option of 1 and 1 second week.

There are broken features, similar to those in the chat room. The photo simply wants the customer to choose a pair to keep up to date graphics.


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